Owning an aircraft can be an essential business tool, but it can also be both expensive and time-intensive. Leave the management to us, and we’ll provide you the peace of mind that allows you to focus on what you do instead.

Know your aircraft is in good hands


Save time, money, and worry by having our experienced team handle the myriad regulations, filings, licenses, technical, and tax issues. Our 30-plus years in business have given us the advantage of assembling a second-to-none team that is proud to serve our well-satisfied group of Corporate and Individual aircraft owners as well as our charter clientele.

From our around-the-clock Dispatch personnel to our meticulous inspectors and maintenance staff, your needs will be taken care of without any compromise to safety. Your aircraft won’t fly until our flight crews and maintenance technicians are fully behind it. In addition, our pilots attend Simu-flite twice yearly, in addition to maintaining the highest certifications in each of the aircraft they fly.

Let your aircraft generate revenue and work for you

You may want your aircraft to fly only for you, and that’s completely fine. But there is another option.

Think of aircraft management like renting out your vacation home. You’ve made an investment, you’ve fixed it up beautifully, but when you’re not enjoying its perks, what is your vacation home doing for you?

We can turn your aircraft into a revenue-generating vehicle by maintaining it to FAA standards and chartering it to our well-established clients. Of course, your plane is all yours, ready to roll out to your preferred destination. But during its downtime, it’s producing extra cash—without you having to lift a finger.

Last minute flexibility

Our Interchange Agreement lets you exchange hours with other aircraft owners, avoiding those occasions when you need your aircraft and it’s not available due to a charter or a maintenance inspection.


There’s a bonus, too: You can also use the interchange program to use an aircraft that might serve your needs better than your own aircraft could do for a specific occasion—perhaps you’re flying the whole marketing team for a client visit and you need a bigger plane or a second aircraft. Or, your preferred destination might have an airport with a short runway. The interchange agreement allows you to choose an aircraft based on exactly what you need for that flight.

Our aircraft owners have compared the convenience of the interchange agreement to the feeling of owning an entire fleet! You have your own Flight Department!

Even more benefits

Not only do we provide a team of trained technicians to keep a watchful eye on your investment, an experienced flight crew to make your trip comfortable, and a logistical staff to handle every detail from limousine service to special catering requests, but we’ll gladly help you research, identify, and acquire the ideal aircraft to add to your investments.

Find out more today

Take a tour of our aircraft, learn more about your options, and look forward to the freedom and the convenience of air travel that’s customized to your needs. Contact us using the form below, or give us a call at 1-800-777-7401.

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