They say it’s the little things, but we think the big things matter just as much.

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Chartering with MartinAir can get you to the big things: the important client meetings, the dream vacations, and the last-minute trips. And getting to those big things without suffering through the hundreds of little setbacks—the lines, security checks, cancellations, overbooking, and lost luggage—can make a bigger than big difference.

It’s luxury on the fly, where every seat is unmistakably first class!

Commercial air travel is no longer a viable option for busy professionals who value being right on time for a board meeting in one state and a tee-ball game in another. Chartering lets you avoid having to plan an unnecessary overnight trip, with all the expense that entails.

Plus, private aircraft ownership isn’t always the right fit for an individual or business that requires more flexibility—it locks you into an aircraft that might not be the right fit for every occasion.

Flexibility, reliability, and wow-ability

Our fleet consists of 13 aircraft that range in size (6 to 12 passengers) and pricing, each with a stylish interior designed for maximum comfort. Depending on your needs, you can fly the whole family to the Caribbean or a client (and her Cockapoo) to Cape Cod, all with just one call to your personal charter specialist. Your service and experience will be decidedly personal, with every detail to your liking.

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We’re pleased to offer competitively priced packages that include blocks of hours from 20 hours and up. You can use these hours on any aircraft in our fleet, anytime you like. With a two-hour response time and no black-out dates or extra holiday fees, you’re good to go.

These packages are discounted and pre-paid, and you use them much like you would a debit account. We’ll re-up your account with a new package whenever you like—it all allows us to turn on a dime whenever you need us to.

And scrupulous attention to overall safety

Here’s one more of those big things that truly matters both to you and to us…

ARG/US Platinum Certified, MartinAir resides in the top 5% of elite charter operators to achieve the Platinum Certification. We’re also ISBAO and WYVERN registered, and that’s no small accomplishment! These organizations are the industry watchdog agencies that oversee, certify, and award companies like MartinAir for excellence in operational safety application.

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