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Air Charter remains one of the most secure means of air travel. The most important service we provide our customers is ensuring their safety. Here are some things you should note:

  1. Expect airport security to vary among airports.
  2. Please limit your baggage.
  3. All passengers must carry photo ID (passports and driver’s licenses are best).
  4. Weapons such as shotguns can be carried separate from ammo in a locked case. Weapons are not accessible during flight.
  5. Expect to have your ID, carry-on, luggage and person inspected by the flight crew.
  6. Avoid last-minute changes in the number of passengers or their names. Our pilots will be required to get a new authorization for departure, which may cause delays.
  1. If your departure times change by more than 30 minutes, please notify the flight crew as soon as possible. Again, changing departure times may cause delays.
  2. Destination changes within one hour of departure are likely to cause delays.
  3. Martinair passengers should be prepared for additional security checks of their identification, carry-ons, luggage and person by airport security personnel.
COVID Protocols
Martinair follows the recommendations and mandates of the CDC and the FAA for Covid 19 operations. We maintain a strict cleanliness regimen both at our facility and on board our fleet.
We don’t sell individual seats on our charter flights, but we’ve got our reasons! One of the main benefits of chartering is to have the privacy of the entire aircraft to yourself (with the exception of the crew, of course). On occasions where we have empty legs and both the timing and destination work out, we will charter that one-way travel to our customers at a reduced rate. Feel free to check in with our Dispatch department anytime to see what’s available.
Can we charter the plane for just one leg of a flight, not round-trip?
While you’re certainly welcome to just fly one way, we don’t price legs individually, so your price will reflect the round-trip cost. You’ll find that our round-trip pricing is often more economical than other operators who advertise a “one-way” price per leg.
How much luggage can I bring?
We use the rule of one regular-sized piece of luggage plus one carry-on bag. If your charter isn’t full to capacity, we’re able to be flexible. Speaking of flexibility, we suggest using soft-sided luggage, which will maximize the room in luggage compartments and ensure that your bag will fit.
Is my pet allowed on board?
Yes! We welcome your pets on board. We only ask that you be considerate and respectful of the aircraft’s interior as well as the comfort and safety of its other passengers and crew.
May I smoke on board?
We operate a no-smoking fleet, but we’re happy to wait while you get your last cigarette or cigar in before you board!
What will the security process be like?
Security on a charter plane is a smoother process—you might be subject to luggage and person checks, and you’ll need your picture ID to show to our captains. But there are no lines and no surprises. At your destination, you might be subject to checks at private terminals. And rest easy, each crew member undergoes demanding and rigorous background checks before we’ll employ them.
How long can my aircraft remain at my destination?
As long as you wish! Your aircraft will become your personal vehicle with your personal crew. We charge a daily minimum for the aircraft to be parked, so you may find it more economical to allow us to charter it in the meantime, but that choice is entirely up to you.
Is there a cancellation fee if I need to cancel my flight?
It’s not our policy or our wish to penalize customers if they need to cancel. We know that plans change, and we find that our clients are considerate individuals who give us as much notice as they can. However, we do reserve the right to bill if the catering has already been purchased or the aircraft has been moved. It’s always a good idea to cancel as soon as you find out your plans have changed.