How do I charter an airplane?

At MartinAir, chartering an aircraft is a straightforward process:

Step 1

Contact MartinAir at 804-222-7401 or 800-777-7401.

Step 2

Tell MartinAir where and when you want to travel.

You will then be provided with aircraft charter options from the Dispatch Department that best suit your group size and location. Options include size of airplane (from turbo props to jets) and airport locations (sometimes the smaller, private airports that commercial airlines do not service will allow you to get closer to your final destination without the ground and air traffic associated with the larger airports).

MartinAir is sensitive to the timing needs of on-demand charters and can depart in as little as 1.5 hours based on availability.

A typical day trip allows 12.5 hours at no charge to the customer. That is from the time you depart to the time you return. There many variations above and beyond the normal FAA regulated duty day that you can discuss with MartinAir.

Step 3

Receive and review your Rapid Response Printout.

The Rapid Response Printout is MartinAir’s quote for your specific trip request. The printout shows side by side comparisons of applicable costs, times en route, and seating capacity. From this printout, you can then decide which option best fits your budget and travel constraints.

MartinAir staff will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding your travel options, flight crew, special requests, etc.

Step 4

Book your charter flight with MartinAir.

Once you have indicated that you wish to book a flight with MartinAir, a confirming manifest is faxed to you. This manifest shows all of your specific flight details (including times, locations, phone numbers, etc.). Additionally, included in this manifest are special instructions regarding payment based on your booking conversation.

Step 5

Enjoy your flight!

Corporate packages are available and can be arranged for corporations and/or individuals. A block of hours can be purchased in advance at a reduced rate, based on what you know about your upcoming travel needs. For additional information, contact Sales directly at extension 207.