Whether you’re buying your first aircraft, trading in, trading up, or selling, don’t worry. We’ve got this.

You need a market-savvy team with the experience to navigate a worldwide market. Our sales team knows the new and resale aircraft market, and can find you the absolute best value. And when you’re buying, we’ll help you identify the best aircraft for your specific needs. Knowing what you want and getting what you want then become synonymous!

We’ll provide accurate numbers on your cost of operation that will greatly assist in forward planning, and that information coupled with our real-time experience operating (and selling) so many aircraft over 30 years will afford you much-needed insight. You’ll go through the process knowing exactly what to expect.

MartinAir’s sales team consists of individuals who have all spent many, many hours in the cockpit, assisted by an experienced maintenance staff. They know what makes an aircraft an exceptional deal, and they know what doesn’t. Let us help you find the aircraft that’s right for you—and all the freedom that comes with it.

To get our sales team working on your potential purchase or sale, please contact Nathan Mayers at (804) 625-0704

Below are our current aircraft listings. A plane name in red indicates that the plane has already been sold, but we’ve left it on the list so that you can use it for comparison and research.

Model Tail Number Details Specifications
Citation Ultra N92SS Details Specifications (.pdf)
Learjet 35-A N600DT Details Specifications (.pdf)
Cessna 172 N9520W Details Specifications (.pdf)
800-XP N150NC Details Specifications (.pdf)
Beechcraft Beechjet 400A N877FL Details Specifications (.pdf)
P2004 Bravo N301X Details Specifications (.pdf)
"Royal" Duke B-60 N6011S Details Specifications (.pdf)
P2008 N208TA Details Specifications (.pdf)
King Air B200 N38VV Details Specifications (.pdf)
Learjet 35A N804TF Details Specifications (.pdf)
King Air 350 N199Y Details Specifications (.pdf)
Lear 35 N600DT Details Specifications (.pdf)
Citation III N30AF Details Specifications (.pdf)
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