Buying, operating, and maintaining an aircraft is expensive and time consuming. At Martinair, we can help you reduce costs and save time by managing your aircraft for you. In fact, aircraft management is our core business. We have a solid track record in evaluating, purchasing, and maintaining aircraft for corporations and individuals. Here is just a sample of the expert support we provide:


We help you find the right aircraft to meet your travel needs and then guide you through the acquisition process. Martinair has purchased more than 38 aircraft in the past 30 years. We know aircraft and will watch out for your best interests.

Flight Crews

We carefully screen and hire the best flight crews for our company. Our pilots are trained at either Flight Safety or SimuFlite on a biannual basis and are required to be part of our drug and alcohol-screening program. We go above and beyond FAA regulations making sure we are current and know every facet of the changing face of air travel.


Engineer working on an aircraft. Martinair provides expert in-house maintenance. Most of our mechanics have over 25 years of turbine maintenance experience and regularly attend recurrent training on the aircraft they maintain. If an aircraft has to travel to an outside facility for additional maintenance, a Martinair mechanic accompanies the aircraft to oversee the work.


Martinair provides a well staffed charter department with, 24-hour dispatch service. Our dispatchers are trained to take care of all the details from limousine reservations to special catering requests. Martinair’s advanced scheduling software receives information from FAA computers, allowing our dispatchers to track your aircraft on a minute-to-minute basis from take-off to touchdown.



With a large book of charter customers developed over 30 years in the charter business, Martinair can put your aircraft to work producing charter revenue almost immediately. If the aircraft owner’s use rate is relatively low (under 200 hours), a significant reduction in operating cost can be realized. About 75% of our management fleet are also available for charter. View our aircraft available for charter.

Interchange Agreement

If your aircraft is not available, Martinair will exchange hours on any of its other charter aircraft to meet your needs. Additionally, you can use one of our charter aircraft when it makes better economic sense given the length of trip or, perhaps, you need two aircraft on one day. Our management customers find the ability to trade hours is like owning a fleet of aircraft having only to pay the out of pocket operating costs, when using another aircraft from the fleet pool.