Can we purchase just one seat on a charter flight?
Unfortunately this is not possible, by virtue of what charter is; most people decide to charter so they can enjoy their privacy and space, or conduct business en route.
Can we charter the plane one way only?
You certainly can have us either drop you off or pick you up at a given destination. Your cost, however, will reflect the round trip, as we have to return to (or leave) our base of operation and that cost has to be covered. Estimate your flight cost!
How much luggage can we carry on our flight?
A general rule of thumb is one regular sized piece of luggage and one carry-on bag. This is based on all seats being filled on your flight. You could carry more if your charter is not filled. We suggest soft luggage, which is a bit more flexible in tight luggage compartments.
What kind of security procedures can we expect?
You may be subject to luggage and person checks, as well as picture ID verification by our Captains. At other destinations, you may be subject to security checks at those private terminals as well. You can be assured that our crew members have also undergone stringent background checks prior to being employed with Martinair.
How long can my aircraft stay at my destination?
As long as you wish. We become your personal crew and aircraft. There is a daily minimum cost for the aircraft to sit, so we often find it more economical to drop off and pick up customers rather than wait. The choice is completely yours, however.
Do you have a fee if we need to cancel our flight?
We do not have a policy of penalizing customers when they need to cancel. Most people are considerate and have not abused this courtesy. If it is a very last minute cancellation and we have already purchased catering, or moved the aircraft, etc., those costs could be billed.
Can we travel with our pets?
We are delighted to accommodate your pets and often do. We encourage pens or cages.
Should we tip the pilots?
There is no set standard in aviation. It is completely voluntary for individual travelers and is not expected. Our crew members will give you the same high standard of service regardless. When customers do tip, there is no percentage scale applied, it’s up to you.

News & Information

Air Charter remains one of the most secure means of air travel. The most important service we provide our customers is ensuring their safety. Here are some things you should note:

  1. Expect airport security to vary among airports.
  2. Please limit your baggage.
  3. All passengers must carry photo ID (passports and driver’s licenses are best).
  4. Weapons such as shotguns can be carried separate from ammo in a locked case. Weapons are not accessible during flight.
  5. Expect to have your ID, carry-on, luggage and person inspected by the flight crew.
  6. Avoid last-minute changes in the number of passengers or their names. Our pilots will be required to get a new authorization for departure, which may cause delays.
  7. If your departure times change by more than 30 minutes, please notify the flight crew as soon as possible. Again, changing departure times may cause delays.
  8. Destination changes within one hour of departure are likely to cause delays.
  9. Martinair passengers should be prepared for additional security checks of their identification, carry-ons, luggage and person by airport security personnel.